15 Biggest Health Trends of 2018

Health features in our topmost priority list right now. Gradually we are progressing towards a healthier and wealthier life and thus in 2018 also you are all set to witness some of the biggest health trends which will shift our focus towards a sustainable and healthier life.

Have a look at some of the biggest health trends of 2018 which will definitely impact you and your lifestyle –

1.Essential oil cooking

As we all know that essential oils have become a staple in our beauty routine. But do you know that some essential oils can also be used for cooking. Yes, you heard it right. They can be used to give you fat free recipes and keep your stress and other health concerns at bay.

2. Low FODMAP Eating

It can also be called as gluten free eating. The practitioners of this diet have to skip sugar, alcohol, dairy products, legumes instead of lactose and fructose free eating. This will not only calm down your stomach but keep you on your toes every time.

3. Superfoods

Jackfruit, monkfruit, cassava are gaining popularity and gradually undergoing a shift from pulse, wheat and legumes. You can simply toss them or add some flavours and a little butter and enjoy them as a full sized meal.

4. Activated Charcoal

Do you know activated charcoal is completely fit to be consumed? Activated charcoal is generally making it’s presence felt in detox drinks. And last time we told you that activated charcoal will be one of the biggest food trend in 2018. Well, it is healthy also, so why not?

5. Sleep Inducing Foods

Since the stress level is rising like anything, thus the focus is shifting on getting sound sleep. And thus sleep inducing foods are making it’s presence felt in the health sector. There is a sleep water and there are various magical foods which are known to give you sound sleep.

6. Entomophagy

Don’t be surprised if you find bug in your favorite restaurant menu? Well, it is true because the trend of bug based food is gradually catching in the market. And why not? Bugs are rich source of protein and available in abundant quantity and also they are quite inexpensive.

7. Beauty Foods

Trend of combining health with beauty is nothing new but now even scientists are backing it. Some surveys have proved that drinking your own collagen will give you a healthier and glowing skin. And thus you can keep sipping your macca powder but don’t dream if turning into Angelina Jolie.

8. Souping

Since cooking and sauting the vegetables is becoming boring and time taking. Thus, why not resort to souping instead? Souping is the easiest way to snack on your favourate veggies with their protein and fibre still intact in them. It can be made and consumed within seconds.

9. Super Coffee

How about adding collagen peptides, maca and MCT oil into your coffee and enjoy your healthier coffee without any guilt. This is the new way of having coffee with superfoods inside it to give you a healthier sip of the day.


Since people are saying no to diary proteins and turning more and more organic. Thus, the need for lactose free clarified butter is on a rise. And very soon you will be able to see people using ghee much more than butter or even olive oil.

11. Vegan Deserts

Since people are saying no to animal products thus the demand for vegan deserts are on a rise. A survey shows that vegan deserts have been voted as the next big thing by 329% in pintrest.

12. Mocktails

There is a declining trend of alcohol consumption and thus people are demanding more and more cocktail. Thus, the need of the hour is to have exotic and fruit based attractive mocktails. Say cheers to a healthier tomorrow.

13. Foodie Culture

Foodie culture is at a rise but no one has got the time to cook or stand in queue for their takeaways. Thus, curated meal delivery services like Urban Remedy and Sakara are providing home cooked meals by best of their chefs at your doorstep.

14. Probiotic Food

Just like yogurt and fermented foods, probiotic foods are also on a rise. This are healthy and will keep you full for quite long. But make sure you check the ingredient list fully before buying probiotic foods for any salt or added flavours.

15. Low Calorie Ice Creams

Can you believe that now ice creams are also becoming low calorized ones? Diet ice creams are the latest trend in the market and Halo Top is the first company to do it. Other than this Breyer’s is also following the same trend.

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