15 Best Watching Shows on Netflix

It’s been two and a half years since Netflix has been launched in India and since then there has been no looking back for this American video streaming platform. Since it’s inception in India Netflix has increased it’s library multiple times. With 4706 titles in India, Netflix is fast becoming number one choice for the audience.
Thus, here we have come up with 15 best and worth watching shows on Netflix so that you are saved from the harassment of watching crap things which are not suited to your taste –

1. She’s gotta have it

This is the story of Nora who is a Bohemian leading her life in New York. You will be amazed to see this ten-part story which is often capturing, funny and flirty at times. No wonder you also get a glimpse of the beautiful NY which is an added bonus.

2.Peaky Blinders

This show is all about Tommy Shelby who is a WW1 soldier and his highly dysfunctional family. If you get to the wrong terms of this family then you are definitely going to be punished. And the police also won’t be helping you in this.

3. Aggretsuko

This is the story of Retsuko who is a dedicated employee at her work but she is tired of her office frustrations. Her only saving grace is her love for karaoke which keeps her moving.

4. Arrested Development

This is the story of Bluth family who has all their wealth but is still somehow trying their best to lead a lavishing life. The head of this family Micheal Bluth is the one who holds this family together.

5. Happy

This is the story of Nick Sax who is a detective turned hitman. Sounds interesting right? One fine day when he survives a heart attack he gets a new friend in the form of a blue unicorn which can even fly and is named as Happy.

6. Jack Taylor

Jack Taylor who has been kicked out of Irish National Police is now part of private investigating agencies and thus you will see his daily encounters with criminals. This is a perfect show for people who love to watch a bit of struggle and action.

7.Manhunt: Unabomber

This is the story of a serial bomber who is killing down people like academicians, politicians and many such high profile people. The serial bomber is being tracked down by FBI agents and thus the show is an interesting watch for people who love to watch criminal stories.


This is one of the hidden gems of Netflix. Here you will see people who have been part of a team which dates back to post-apocalyptic future where they were once a part of. But the twist in the tale is how they travel and that forms the crux of the show.

9. Detectorists

This is a quaint and funny show which you can enjoy with your family and friends. It has got those constant doses of laughter which will keep you refreshed throughout the evening.

10.Altered Carbon

This is a cyberpunk adaption where a lot of money has been put into. This is the story of a redemption of a terrorist who has been solved the murder mystery of a high profile rich man and thus he is enjoying his good life now.

11.Nailed it

This is an interesting story which is all about how people are taking not so good photos of their baking procedure. This is quite a funny and interesting story.

12. Better Call Saul

This is the story of Jimmy Mcgill who is morally flexible and thus he enjoys being confused in his own affairs.

13. Master of None

This is the story of Dev who is trying to lead a life and struggling to find his feet in New York and maintain a steady relationship.

14. Line of Duty

This is all about the lines and procedures that a police life revolves all around. This is more of a duty-bound job where you need to leave behind your heart.

15. Mindhunter

This is the suspense thriller which will keep you glued. It is all about serial killers and rapists.

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