12 Diwali Rituals Which Will Bring Prosperity And Good Luck In Life

There is a scientific reason behind each and every Diwali ritual we perform at home.

dhanteras Diwali Rituals Which Will Bring Prosperity And Good Luck In Life

Festival of lights is almost here and we are excited to bring love,good luck,happiness and prosperity into your lives. The 5 day’s of Diwali are going to be filled with all customs,traditions and very important an age-old rituals. There is a scientific reason behind each and every Diwali ritual we perform at home. We have listed 12 Diwali Rituals below and if one follows it will definitely bring prosperity and good luck in life. Team whatSHElikes wishes you a very happy and prosperous Diwali ahead 🙂

Diwali Sesame Oil Diya

1. Clean house with sea salt, water and gaumutra. This will help to remove negativity from the house.

2. Remove unwanted stuff from the house. Anything that is unused for more than 6months should be discarded as unused stuff generates negativity.

3. Clean the main door and the entrance of the house. New toran should be placed above the door, outside the house. This gives positive vibes and welcomes Lakshmiji in our house.

Diwali Toran

4. New foot rugs should be used and old ones should be thrown.(please don’t give old foot rugs to anyone for reuse )

Mahurat to buy broom, floor dusters and kitchen vessels – 23rd October between 6.00pm to 8.00pm and 24th October between 11.00am to 2.00pm

These things to be performed from 26th October to 1st November 2016. These things will attract good luck and financial gains.

5. Sesame Oil diyas to be kept outside house, in evening by 6.30 pm

6. Rangoli to be made inside the mandir of the house and at the entrance(umbartta) of the house. This is to welcome Lakshmiji,(good luck and prosperity).

Gowatsa Dwadashi,26th October 2016

On this day Cow and calf are worshiped. Feed cow and calf Wheat roti with jaggery and green boiled lentils. Water peepal tree and pray for the wellbeing of the family.

Dhanteras,28th October 2016

It is celebrated on the thirteenth lunar day of Krishna paksha (dark fortnight) in the Hindu calender month of Ashwin. On the day of Dhanteras Yama- Deep Daan (method mentioned below) is to be done by mother and wife for long life of family members.

The Diwali Dhanteras Celebration

Do 13 sesame oil diyas, keep diyas in the tray, stand in South direction of the house, do pooja of Yamraj and pray Mere Ghar mein koi bhi anishthata aur apamrutyu nahi aane chahiye, nahi aaye and place all diyas near the South wall or South window of the house. Diyas should be of clay or kneaded flour.Do this pooja after sunset and before 9.15pm

Kali Chaudas, 29th October 2016

Celebrated on the 14th day of the dark half of Āshwin month. Kali Chaudas is a day to abolish evil which creates negativity and evil effects in our life. Darshan of Kali Maa is very beneficial on this day.

Kali Chaudas

Offerings of Sesame Oil, Red rose or red flower,Glass bangles,Kum Kum and coconut should be made to Kali Maa and pray her to safeguard family from evils. Donation of Whole Black lentils,Wheat, and Honey to poor will be beneficial.

Lakshmi Pujan or Darsh Amas, 30th October 2016

On this very day Sun enters his second course and passes Tula,which is the best period for closing accounts. Despite the fact that this day falls on an Amavasya day it is regarded as the most auspicious day for Lakshmi puja as Maa Mahalakshmi is Jagrut (active) on this day,and Mahalakshmi Maa visits our house on this night.

Lakshmi Pujan

It is very important that the main door of the house should be clean,Rangoli should be made and umbarta (entrance) pooja should be done,Signs of good luck should be drawn on umbarta ( entrance) like Swastik and footprints of Maa Lakshmi.

Lakshmi Pujan is combined with Ganeshji puja: Ganeshji is worshiped at the beginning of every auspicious occasion as Vighnaharta, Lakshmi Maa is worshiped in her three forms – Mahalakshmi(the goddess of wealth and money), Mahasaraswati (the goddess of books and learning), and Mahakali ; Kuber is also worshiped.

This is essentially a worship of Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Ganesh, money, jewelleries, new kitchen vessel and very importantly new broom (new broom should be placed in pooja with jewelry and money) as broom helps us to remove Alakshmi from our house. After Lakshmi puja burst crackers which bring prosperity.

New Year,31st October 2016

Donate Milk, Saffron, and Rice to poor or Brahmin.

On all Diwali Days, the house should be cleaned with Gaumutra. Diyas should be placed in and outside the house. Rangoli should be made in mandir and outside the house, all these are ways to invite prosperity and good luck in your life.

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