12 Best Christmas Gifts For Women: Fabulous Ideas To Impress

1.Iraya Foot Care Gift Box
Cometh the winter hour, and all hell breaks loose on the skin! The dry patches and the itchy feeling is not something that goes away. And in between all the moisturizing breaks that are taken, somehow, most women tend to forget the feet. And besides, most women are probably already stocked up on hand and face moisturizer, so let’s not forget the feet.
Price: Rs.1880 onwards.
Available on Iraya official site.

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2.Maple Dinner Set by Home Centre
This dinner set brings the Christmas cheer from the air, straight to your dining table. Loving the red and white colours here.
Price: Rs.1999

3.Christmas Cushions from Fashionandyou
One of the best things about Christmas is the pretty décor around it. And often, all it takes is one good thing to really turn the feel of the home around. And these cushions are just that!
Price: Rs.259 onwards.
Available on official Fashion and You website.

4.Charms from Fourseven
The house isn’t the only thing that gets special attention during Christmas. We do too! It’s always fun to dress according to the festive season, whether it’s picking out the colour red in our outfits or donning a Santa hat. And these Christmas charms are just the perfect accessory to feel festive. Add it on to your bracelet or necklace and voila! Christmas ready!
Price: Rs.600 onwards.
Available on official FourSeven website.

5.2015 Calender by Alicia Souza
With new year just around the corner, these super adorable calendars as gifts have the ability to delight just about anyone!
Price: Rs.399 Available on Amazon.

6.Statement Necklace by Crunchy Fashion
Tis’ the season of jolly and numerous parties! And let’s face it – it can get tiring dressing up for every party. And that is exactly why this necklace would make such a great gift! It can instantly jazz up any outfit and because it’s gold, it’ll go with almost anything.
Price: Rs.775.
Available on official Crunchy Fashion site.

7.Lace Clutches by Siora
So dainty and so elegant, these lace clutches are perfect for any woman who has the slightest girlish hint in her.
Price: Rs.700. Available on Siora’s Facebook page.

8.Christmas Goodies by L’Opera
What’s a Christmas without some delish goodies? And these ones by L’Opera not only take care of the taste, but take care of the eyes too. They’re a treat for both. Unfortunately, they only have outlets in Delhi as of now.
Price: Not Available

9.Lip Love Care from Lakme
The newest offering from Lakme is just the perfect thing for winter – Lip balm + colour tint. They’re adorable and come in four different shades. So pack a pair or pack all four, but this gift will surely be liked!
Price: Rs.200 each

10.Blackberry Passport
For the women who are always on the go and are in love with their work, this is the perfect (and pricey) buy! Fantastic battery life, large screen, great keyboard and a digital assistant are just some of the features on its endless list.
Price: Rs.49,990

11.Scarves from Chumbak
Brighten up with these super colourful scarves from Chumbak. Because who said winter clothes should be restricted to dark colours only?
Price: Rs.1095
Available on official Chumbak site

12.Chevron Watch from Style Fiesta
A watch can be accessory in itself and this super chic watch is all that you need to instantly jazz up your wrist. A solid colour, a hint of gold and a lovely background, what is not to love?
Price: Rs.940
Available on official Style Fiesta site.

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Written by Vigya Atri

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