11 Sonam Kapoor Hairstyles Perfect For The Next Indian Wedding You Attend

Indian weddings are mad fun! While dancing, drinking and partying obviously top the list as to why they’re fun, there’s no denying one of the best parts about Indian weddings is dressing up to your heart’s content! From outfits, to make up to hairstyles, there’s so much one can do!

We sorted through many of Sonam Kapoor’s looks to bring you 11 best hairstyles that you can totally use for the next wedding you attend!

1. Loose, Side Parted Bun

Dreamy and gorgeous, this hairstyle is perfect when you’re going in for a girly look, pretty much like how Sonam did it!




2. Vintage Chic

Give the regular burn a little vintage touch by curling up the hair on the side. Don’t be afraid to bring in some old school glamour into your look!




3. Adorable Half Up & Half Down

How super cute is this hairstyle? The little ‘poof’ on either sides takes the hairstyle to a whole new level!




4. Braided & Curled

A quintessential Indian hairstyle, the braids, the loose curls and the middle parting – they all come together so wonderfully well!




5. Sided & Braided

Another braid, but done so differently. The look would go perfectly well with lehengas and shararas!




6. Simple Side Parted

Loose waves + side parting + small section of hair pinned up = A classic hit!




7. The Side Ponytail

Side ponytails are often used for western looks and not so much for Indian, but Sonam shows us how to correctly pair it with desi outfits! We see two main pointers: Curled hair and twisted hair on the side. Ideal if you don’t want to leave your hair open but don’ really want to go the ‘bun’ route either.




8. Classic Half Up, Half Down Hair

Now this is a hairstyle that can go with almost any Indian outfit and brownie points because it’s easy to do too! Style tip: Add a maang teeka when doing this hairstyle. It’ll instantly liven up your look!




9. Pinned

Sometimes, simple things can be taken to a whole new level by just adding a small element, just like Sonam did, with this hairstyle by adding gorgeous pin.




10. Good Ol’ Loose Bun

This is a look from Sonam’s movie ‘Thank You’ and quite frankly, do we even need to say more? The loose bun can compliment any Indian outfit perfectly and yes, if you are going for it, don’t forget to leave out a few strands of hair to twirl around the face, just like Sonam did.



11. Straight & Sleek

Indian outfits often have too much going on. From heavy embroideries and motifs to crazy silhouettes and not to forget, the dupattas that are worn right around where hair take their place, when not tied up. It can get a little too much and if you do have an outfit where a lot is going on, this is the hairstyle to opt for. Simple, sleek and put to the back.


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Written by Vigya Atri

I've always enjoyed writing but the professional route to it happened by chance and I'm loving it! I literally have a billion dreams, one of which is to own an amusement park someday! I love to eat and often dream about pizza in my free time.

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