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11 Items We Want In Our Closet This Winter

Winter is almost upon us and we’re excited about the major changes our closet goes through! It’s a whole new wardrobe with the season change and we have no reason to complain!

But if you are in a mood to give your winter wardrobe a little face lift, (okay, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to do that!?) we’re bringing you all that is on our wishlist for the winter season!


1. The Long Black Cardigan via Jabong


Price: Rs. 1,999

We’r starting with a classic! And if you do not have this in your wardrobe, we really suggest you purchase one because this is a staple piece. It’s versatile, chic and warm. Win, win and win!


2. Pastel Mint Blazer Via Amazon


Rs. 1099 (On discount)

There’s something so beautiful about pastel colours in the warm winter sun! And this blazer is the such a lovely mint, pastel shade! Soft and lovely!


3. Brown Winter Boots via Koovs


Rs. 3095

Winter is the time to bring out them boots and these are an absolute badass pair of brown boots! We’ve got a MAJOR crush on these!


4. Yellow Sweater via Jabong


Price: Rs.1799

Come winter and all the dark colours come out. Greys, blacks dark greens and blues com out in full force and somewhere, the brighter colours we see during summers take a back seat. This is exactly why this yellow sweater is on our list. It’ll provide the perfect pop of colour on a grey winter day!


5. Grey Aztec Light Coat via Amazon


Rs. 3301 (Limited Stock)

If colours aren’t your thing, turn to prints to stand out this winter! This Aztec print inspired cardigan is an amazing addition to your wardrobe not only because of it’s print, but also because it’s a light cardigan/coat making it quite feasible for afternoons and early and late winters.


6. A Cape(ish) Long Top via YepMe

Cape top

Rs. 1,299

Cape tops are the flavour of the season and yes, we know this isn’t exactly a cape top, but it’s still pretty sexy! It’s flattering and has space to fit a tee in, making it ideal for winter!


7. Black and White Pants via Fashionara



A lot of women actually face problems with bottom wear during winter and often end up sticking only with jeans. Now don’t get us wrong, we love our pair of jeans, but it’s never a bad idea to mix it up every now and then. We’re really liking these vertically stripped pants (bonus points for the “vertical” bit) which are ideal to wear during a casual outing!


8. Mint Palazzos via LimeRoad



If your winter wardrobe is full of white, black and grey tops, here is the perfect way to bring in some much needed pop of colour! Anyone else getting brunch vibes?


9. Kitty Cap via Koovs


Rs. 795

Calling all cat lovers! Calling all cat lovers! This beanie has kitten ears. Do we really need to say more?


10. Chic Black Blazer via Yepme 



This black blazer has a balanced mix of both, classic style, as well as modern style. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s also the fact that it’s a day to night piece – perfect for office, as well as for the dinner and drinks after work.


11. Sexy Black Pants via Fashionara


Rs. 3,000

Lookin’ to hit up a club or a lounge but can’t figure out how to dress up sexy without wearing a dress? These pants are your answer!

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Written by Vigya Atri

I've always enjoyed writing but the professional route to it happened by chance and I'm loving it! I literally have a billion dreams, one of which is to own an amusement park someday! I love to eat and often dream about pizza in my free time.

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