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11 Budget-Friendly Home Organizing Ideas

Here are some practical and cost-effective ways to store stuff and keep the spaces tidy.

11 Budget-Friendly Home Organizing Ideas
Photo by Anastasiia Chepinska on Unsplash

Are you looking for simple solutions to organize your living room? Home Organizing is an art. We have some smart tips and tricks to help you gain additional storage in your living room and keep tidy, whether you have a small or huge space!

While everything has a place, it’s a lot easier to pick up, clean up, stay organized, and feel more in control of your living area. With the correct storage solutions in place, it’s a lot easier to not only start organizing your home but also to keep things organized for longer periods. 

Here are some practical and cost-effective ways to store stuff and keep the spaces tidy. Listed below are eleven budget-friendly home organizing ideas for your rescue: 

1. Convert a Dresser Into a TV Stand

Don’t want to buy or construct your entertainment centre? Another possibility is to reuse a dresser (buffet tables can work)! Dressers take up less space while still giving extra storage in the living area.

2. A Stylish Hutch can be used to add storage

You can keep blankets, books, games, and toys nicely organized and out of the way with a living room storage cabinet like a hutch. When you have visitors over, having a hutch may be a lifesaver since you can simply conceal goods and make extra space in your family room.

3. Shelves

Shelves are an excellent solution. A handful of well-placed boards of wood create an amazing storage solution by utilizing the open space on your walls. There are many more innovative methods to add shelves to your home – they don’t have to be wood on top of L-brackets. However, the beauty of shelving might be all brackets and a one-by-four, neither of which is cheap.

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Setting up Free Standing Shelves is an efficient way. Tall shelves are an excellent way to make the most of available vertical space. Keep objects accessible by storing a wooden ladder or fold-up stool next to the shelf, behind the shelf, or under a sofa.

4. Convert a Trunk into a Coffee Table

Do you want a coffee table that can serve as both a statement piece and additional storage in your living room? Recycle a storage trunk! Trunks provide ample depth to store bulky items like throw cushions and blankets, and they also have extra surface space for games, snacks, and decorative objects.

5. Add Surfaces with a Nesting Coffee Table

A stacking coffee table is a flexible element for compact living rooms, especially for families. Some versions include smaller tables that can be dragged out when extra surface space is required. Other possibilities include ottoman cubes that can be pulled out for extra seating.

Add Surfaces with a Nesting Coffee Table
bellini nest cameo

6. Select a Two-Tier Coffee Table

Use a coffee table with a lower-level tier to maximize storage space. While this area can be utilized for decor, it is also an excellent location for storing books, board games, photo albums, and other small goods.

Convert a Trunk into a Coffee Table
Source: Pinterest

7. Make use of a bookshelf as an end table

Instead of a standard end table, consider a narrow bookshelf that may hold and display books, periodicals, picture albums, knick-knacks, toys, potted plants, and other items.

8. Wrapped Boxes

You can also use old cardboard boxes if you have any that are large enough. Wrap a rope around the outside of the box with a hot glue gun. To clean up the inside of the box, you can line it with a lovely cloth or stiff paper. It’s a clever method to repurpose cardboard boxes and add further storage space to your home.

9. Wall Hooks

Wall Hooks

Wall Hooks when it comes to wall space, wall hooks are a low-cost option. One can use chair hooks on which one hangs stuff. Each bag performs a distinct role and keeps the floor clean. You can swap out and organize those bags as you want, and it’s a wonderful space-saving solution when someone needs to hang dry stuff.

10. Reuse Containers

They’re simple to repurpose. Glass yoghurt containers can also be used to collect coins or little items that seem to be lost throughout the house. Reusing clean old packaging would undoubtedly aid in the storage of items in your area.

11. Trades

Discover what your buddies have. If you want a piece of furniture or a solution they have, check if they’ll trade with you for something you can part with. In many circumstances, folks simply have too many things. Trades are a cost-effective way to update your furniture and gain new ideas for your storage.

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Written by Srajati

Srajati is from an Architectural background with a bundle of nerves. She finds peace in writing down her thoughts, travelling, and spending time holed up with a good book.

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