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11 Best Gifting Ideas for Toddlers

From books, doctor’s kits, home play items, construction toys to electronic instruments and bikes, these toys inspire kids to use their imaginations and replicate the things they observe going on around them.

Gifting Ideas for Toddlers
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Well as fun, loving and precious children are, finding toys for toddlers can be a difficult task! Have you exhausted all your ideas? Are you tired of finding new gift ideas for your toddler? Looking for gift ideas that can hold your little child’s attention for a long time? Then you are at the right place.

We’ve curated a list of gifting ideas that your children are going to love and cherish for a long time. Toys that instill development skills in children come in handy as they are fun as well as teach. As a parent of a toddler, you must be wanting to develop expertise in your child without making it a tedious task. You want to invest in toys that encourage them to explore the big, bright world around them.

From books, doctor’s kits, home play items, construction toys to electronic instruments and bikes, these toys inspire kids to use their imaginations and replicate the things they observe going on around them. So, without further delay let’s look at the list of the options.

Eleven Best Gifting Ideas for Toddlers:

1. Dough Activity Set

Dough Activity Set

One of the most fun and playful toys is a dough set. It sets an unimaginable number of possibilities of things to build, leaving children to use their figment of the imagination and come up with various things. This can be seen as a good activity to instill creative and imaginative powers in your child.

2. Building Blocks

Building Blocks

Another great building activity is playing with a building blocks set. It has wonderful options to create something new every time. The child learns the art of logic and fitting things together to create a new masterpiece. It teaches values such as teamwork and hard work. The blocks are in various colors making it fun and enjoyable for kids.

3. Medical Kit or Doctor Set

Medical Kit or Doctor Set

If your child is keen on pretend playing and loves to imitate doctors, nurses, etc., then this might be the best gift for your child. The toy medical kit has all the important tools which can be proved useful in learning about the same. One can learn about the importance of saving lives and most importantly all children love interesting-looking tools. The kit would grasp your child’s attention for a long time.

4. Puzzles


Imbued with problem-solving tactics, puzzles are a great way of entertainment for children. The puzzle can be of their favorite cartoon or favorite food. They do not exactly have to be small or to be of paper, they come in children’s safe materials, hence not proving to be harmful. Children love the sense of victory when they solve the given puzzles.

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5. Musical Instrument Toy

Musical Instrument Toy

If your child loves watching tv, singing, or dancing, then gifting a musical instrument toy would be the best thing. This toy is fun and can be proved useful in case they’d like to pursue it later. It develops confidence and is useful for brain development. Let them have a mini-concert at home and enjoy doing what they love.

6. Toddler Kitchen Set

Toddler Kitchen Set
Source: Flipkart

Another basic yet important gift set for children. Does your toddler trouble you in the kitchen or is fascinated by its equipment? Gifting them their own mini kitchen set would make them the happiest. Play with them as they cook their imaginary dishes. This can instill dining manners and even prove fruitful if it evolves into a career choice.

7. Electronic Bike

Electronic Bike

We all know children love riding on bikes and cars as it amuses them beyond fascination. Why not give them an electronic bike or car that is safe and fun. They can ride it around the home and have fun and as a bonus, it would make it easier for them to learn the vehicles when older. Children seem to love the independence and fun the electronic vehicles provide.

8. Whiteboard/Slate Writing Set

Whiteboard Slate Writing Set

Seen as an amazing and useful learning tool, writing on a board can be very fun for children. It gives them autonomy to express themselves through the written word. They can draw, play and learn through the same. Mimicking a teacher would be the next thing they’ll try. Let them have fun and learn at the same time.

9. Books


Books are as basic as it gets, but they are sometimes underestimated. If your child loves coloring or drawing on the wall, gifting them a coloring book would be a boon. Let their artistic side flow. If your child loves listening to stories and poems, a storybook or poem book can be a suitable gift. Books have the capability to make them interested in learning and entering them into an imaginative world of colors and fairytales.

10. Bowling Set and Boxing Set

Bowling Set and Boxing Set

This gift is fun and unique. Your child is going to love it as it can be played with friends as well. The bowling sets come in various interesting designs such as monster looks, etc. Creating a personal bowling alley, your child will be invested in playing the game alone and with friends. Boxing sets can be another great gift to a child. With gloves and headbands, children would love to practice some moves in the attire.

11. Stuffed toys

Stuffed toys
Source: Aliexpress

One thing that never gets old is stuffed toys. Every child seems to love their stuffed friends. They can be in any form or character or look. Be it a teddy, toy story character, fruit, or anything the child likes. One can never go wrong with gifting a stuffed toy to a child. It’s basic but special.

Be it your child, niece, friend’s kid, everyone will love these gifts and thank you for them. All of the above-mentioned gift ideas can be bought from Amazon and other online and offline stores.

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