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11 Best Boutiques in Jaipur to Explore

Even though everybody must be aware of these aspects of Jaipur, very few are aware of the beautiful style, fashion, and traditional clothes, making it a great hub for shopaholics.

11 Best Boutiques in Jaipur to Explore

We’ve all dreamt about running in the huge corridors of the Forts and Castles in Rajasthan wearing a regal lehenga, wanting to feel the essence of being a real Princess. Rajasthan is well-known for its diverse culture and history. And the heart of the state, the ‘pink city of India,’ Jaipur, is known for its royalty and magnificent monuments.

Even though everybody must be aware of these aspects of the city, very few are aware of the beautiful style, fashion, and traditional clothes, making it a great hub for shopaholics. The city has a continental flair to it, and it is this worldly feel that makes shopping in Jaipur such a dream.

Add these boutiques in Jaipur to your list of places to explore and hop on to discover some amazing pieces. From where to find embellished jewels to the most elegant fashion houses, allow us to introduce you to the eleven best boutiques in Jaipur.

1. Anokhi

Starting with one of the most popular boutiques in Jaipur, Anokhi. If you like bold, colourful prints and handcrafted textiles, Anokhi will not let you down. This location, which houses several retail chains, has earned a name for itself with its distinctive patterns, prints, and colour palette, making it one of the greatest shopping destinations in Jaipur. It promotes classic, wearable styles in high-quality fabrics with a sleek, modern twist. There are also great buys for men and children, making this a popular shopping destination for Jaipur’s expats.

2. Teatro Dhora

What better than shopping with a little bit of entertainment? Teatro Dhora, a multi-brand store, is one of Jaipur’s greatest shopping destinations. Dhora is a must-visit for shopaholics since it features wonderful paintings, furniture, pictures, shoes, garments, leather accessories, and antique jewellery. It also provides a stage for performers, artists, and musicians. If you go to the store late at night, you might be able to attend a jam session. It will be a fun session with music, performance, and shopping.

3. Jaipur Pink

A designer souvenir store, Jaipur Pink is a well-known designer boutique in Jaipur. Sunita Burad’s distinctive handicrafts, apparel, and home are available at Jaipur Pink. They have a one-of-a-kind assortment with a touch of contemporary. Some of the fantastic things available here are hand-embroidered cushions, footwear, traditional jewellery, printed cushions, and hand block quilts.

4. Vrisa

Vrisa sits at the throne when it comes to high-end designer places in Jaipur. This brilliant Indian design brand takes inspiration from all over the world—floral folk art from Eastern Europe, magnificent indigo shibori linens from Japan, themes pulled straight from an English rural garden—and gives them an Indian twist. If you are looking for some amazing quality stuff, then even the extravagant price of the stunning piece can’t stop it from being the perfect souvenir.

5. House of Armuse

If you have planned a destination wedding in Jaipur or want a traditional Rajasthani outfit for a wedding or any occasion, then this place can be the one for you. At Present, the Armuse shop is an edgy and modern bridal wear style location. They have a stylish and elegant collection of traditional to modern Rajasthani integrated cultural wear and bridal designs.

6. Yuvti Boutique Jaipur

Another place known for its fusion of modernity and culture is Yuvti will not disappoint you with its contemporary designs. Through their manner of wearing, the Yuvti shop is bringing lost Rajasthani culture and ancient values into the spotlight. Their traditional designs and tints with an elegant and edgy twist are appealing to the locals as well as the tourists.

7. The Gem Palace

Reflected in its name, The Gem Palace is the best place in the city to explore jewellery and antique charms. Established in 1852, The Kasliwals hold the distinction of being court jewellers to Moghul rulers. The Gem Palace is a must-see since it houses everything from antique diamonds to contemporary designs in one location. Their jewellery is an epitome of a vast cultural heritage, known for its traditional and intricate designs. Each item they sell is self-explanatory. Shop from this place of a great legacy and have a royal souvenir to take home.

8. Woven Tree

If you are looking for some gorgeous sarees, then this is the place to go. The woven tree is a stylish and modern store with a solid reputation in the saree industry. It is one of Jaipur’s greatest saree boutiques. They are the finest store in Jaipur for pure fabric hand-woven sarees, salwar, and dupattas. This is one of Jaipur’s most well-known upscale boutiques.

9. Parampara Jaipur

Parampara Jaipur is one of the luxurious and premium designers boutiques in Jaipur. Their excellent pieces are worth every penny they make. Parampara Jaipur is a style maven’s dream. It’s an achingly gorgeous high-end gallery store with an eye for flawless colour and texture matching. Hand-woven ikat patterns, jewel-coloured velvet slippers, and elegantly cut kaftans combine Colombian and Indian aesthetics with astonishing flare.

10. Swati Ubroi

This label promotes Rajasthani art and reintroduces historical skills that have been forgotten in recent years. They’re well-known designer boutiques in Jaipur, and their work is unrivalled for Gota Patti sarees. They are quite well known among the locals for their stunning designs and apparel and are marked as a must-visit place for all shopaholics.

11. Nila House

Last but not the least, we have this fabulous exhibition plus boutique. Carole Bamford’s Nila House focuses on India’s textile crafting communities, using handwoven, natural-dyed textiles to represent the country’s rich artisanal legacy. The tactile and visual delights of Indian fabrics are celebrated in this beautiful boutique. They even take workshops to let the tourist experience and learn about the skills of the artisans. Enter the exhibition hall to see historical and contemporary block printing and batik techniques and proceed towards the boutique to buy what you like.

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