10 Work Appropriate Skirts For The Summer Seasons

With summers on in full swing, those of us working in offices requiring us to wear formals often turn to skirts. And finding an interesting formal skirt is a tough task. We ease it out for you by bringing 10 skirts for the formal fashionista.

1.Contrast Waist Skirt via Mango
Price: 3490
This grey skirt with a contrasting black waist is minimalistic and super chic.
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No.1 Mango 3490

2.Jacquard Pencil Skirt via Fashionara
Price: Rs.763
On first look, this skirt looks plain, but it’s only on second look do you realize it has got a subtle texture all over it. Small detail, big difference.
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No.2 Fashionara 763

3.Orange A Line Skirt via The Closet Label
Price: Rs.1,150
Throw in some pop of colour with this simple, yet summer perfect orange skirt. While we do agree that it borders on semi-formal, styling it correctly can give you a formal look while also staying true to summer with this skirt.

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no.3 The closet Label

4.Formal Floral via Faballey
Price: Rs.1,100
Throw in a bit of spring in your work wardrobe with this floral, yet formal skirt. While the flowers cater to the summer, the colour will cater to the office and work environment. Double win.

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No.4 Faballey

5.Peplumed and Laced via Fashionara
Price: Rs.900
Such an elegant and dainty skirt with a sober colour. It’s classy and refreshing and on point for summer office wear.
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No.5 Fashionara

6.Olive Green Pencil Skirt via Kaaryah
Price: Rs.1,499
When people think of the most versatile colours, they mostly think of black, grey and white. Most tend to forget this lovely shade of green that is also quite versatile when styled right. This skirt can easily become a staple in your summer work wardrobe.

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No.6 Kaaryah

7.Polka Dotted Pencil Skirt via The Closet Label
Price: Rs.1,550
Bring in a little bit of fun with this dark blue pencil skirt with white polka dots. The circles are small and hence aren’t too loud or ‘in your face’, yet, they’re there and do add in a little fun element while the dark blue colour and the shape of the dress keep it grounded to being formal. While this skirt is originally paired with a crop top for a more casual look, the correct styling can easily bring it to the work wardrobe.
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No. 7 The Closet Label

8.Floral White Skirt via Jabong
Price: Rs.2023
This is literally summer in a skirt! The refreshing white with pastel coloured flowers is THE skirt you need for office wear in the summer. And while the skirt does have lots of colours, none of them are loud, making the skirt quite office appropriate.
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No8 Jabong

9.Striped Midi via UniqueStyle11
Price: Rs.2,400
Who says only pencil skirts fit the bill for formal wear? This striped midi skirt too, can fit in your work wardrobe easily. For the days you are looking to make an impact or stand out strong, pair this skirt with a simple buttoned shirt and it’ll do the trick.
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No.9 UniqueStyle11

10.Floral Textured Dark Blue Skirt via Kaaryah
Price: Rs.1,960
While dark colours are often preferred in offices, simple dark skirts can get a tad boring and monotonous. The floral texture on this navy blue skirt beats exactly that monotony while still being formal.
Buy here: kaaryah.comNo.10 Kaaryah

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