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10 Ways to Turn Your Home Into a Smart Home

We’ve done the research on your behalf and brought to you the list of the ultimate features you must have in your home to make it a smart home.

Smart TVs for entertainment
Photo by Jens Kreuter on Unsplash

With the fast-approaching technology and advancements, everything is bound to change, and one has to keep up with the pace. Everything is now being connected through technology, and our homes are the next in line. Were you that kid who always wished that the fan would switch on just by your voice as you didn’t want to get up? Are you that adult who wants to shut down the lights of the entire house just by one command? This may seem like a dream ten years ago, but now with the latest innovations, this is very much possible.

Smart homes are becoming increasingly popular, and rightfully so. The ultimate fusion of technology, convenience, and security is home automation. By now, you’ve probably heard of the “Internet of Things.” It refers to a network of wirelessly controlled gadgets that are becoming an increasingly important aspect of our lives and is at the heart of the smart home. But setting up this system can be a dizzying experience with the number of options in the market. Don’t you worry, because we’ve done the research on your behalf and brought to you the list of the ultimate features you must have in your home to make it a smart home. Let’s take a look at these important features:

1. Remote Access and Advanced Home Network

When most people refer to “smart houses,” they are referring to remote access to one’s home systems. You may use remote access to check in on your house via video surveillance and operate it while you are away or have visitors. This gives you peace of mind and a lot more control and security. An advanced home network serves as the brain of your smart home, connecting all of the different parts of your automated system and ensuring that they operate together. This is the most important component of a smart home that works well.

2. Smart Speakers and Voice Control

Smart Speakers and Voice Control
Photo by Lazar Gugleta on Unsplash

The world became a different place when voice control was invented. It is counted as one of the greatest boons of technology and from that came the device, the smart speaker. Hence, the first item that one should invest in is a smart speaker, which can do anything from reminding you of your daily duties to playing music and answering all of your queries. You can choose from a variety of sizes and pricing ranges for these speakers, making it easy for them to make a decision.

3. Smart Lighting

Well, this is where your childhood dream of controlling the lights and fans from one place with a room gets fulfilled. The arrival of smart bulbs and lights altered the game for home automation completely. These smart lights can be controlled over Wi-Fi by your home assistant devices like Google Home or even your smartphone. Based on the orders you give, these smart LED bulbs may alter the colors, brightness, operation, and intensity of the lights. Easy to use, this makes your life super convenient.

4. Smart Security System

One of the most important things people are worried about is the security of their homes. This concern can be eased by installing a smart security system at home. With recent technological advancements, a smart lock that can be connected to your smartphone through the internet or bluetooth is now available on the market. These locks do not require any keys to unlock or lock and may be operated just using your smartphone. You may also use various pass-codes to keep your space secure.

5. Smart Home Appliances

Smart Home Appliances
Photo by Kowon vn on Unsplash

Our home appliances are a very important part of our homes. Be it our vacuum cleaner, oven, cookers, or air conditioners, everything has its own place in our houses. The technology makes the use of these devices much easier and more convenient with using our smartphones. There are robot vacuums available for us that will travel around your house and clean up all the dust, dirt, debris, pet hair, and other debris that causes a mess. Smart cleaners open their lids automatically, so you don’t have to touch them to toss out the trash. Ovens, cookers, and AC’s come with an app giving us many options to control the settings of the same.

6. Thermostats

Smart Home Thermostats
Photo by Lazar Gugleta on Unsplash

By using smart thermostats, you can keep your house at a comfortable and optimal temperature. It allows you to keep track of the temperature and adjust it as needed. These smart thermostats may also be linked to your home assistant device, making them convenient and ideal for your preferences.

7. Camera Surveillance

Many people are always worried about the well-being of their pets when they go to work, leaving their pets at home. These smart cameras may be used both indoors and outdoors to monitor guests, pets, or any other activity that can prove to be suspicious. By linking their cameras to their smartphones, customers may obtain data from their cameras. This system can be helpful to them and what better than seeing it for yourself whenever and wherever you want? opt for smart cameras today if you worry about the same.

8. Smoke Detectors and Smart Sensors

Instead of the traditional smoke detectors that are put in houses, smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are now available that can continuously charge themselves, reducing a task for us. It also sends you a notification about the smoke on your smartphone, even if you are not at home. Smart Sensors come in compact sizes that can work the system of the house whenever you enter the house. These smart devices can be linked to each other making them easy to function and operate.

9. Smart TVs for entertainment

Smart TVs for entertainment
Photo by Jens Kreuter on Unsplash

From what we have learned from quarantine is that TVs can be your best friend when you have nothing to do. Hence, smart TVs can be the best addition to your smart home. These televisions were among the first smart gadgets to be launched to improve entertainment. So, instead of a dozen cables or Chrome cast, you can now have a movie marathon or watch YouTube tutorials on a larger screen. All the apps can be accessed on this one device and it also comes with a voice control feature.

10. Smart Doorbells and Doors

Smart Doorbells are cheap, and they may be installed without the assistance of a specialist. You can watch and converse with guests by installing a smart doorbell. You may use video chat to interact with folks even if you are not at home. When the doorbell rings, the gadget also takes a picture of the person who has arrived. Smart doors come with a passcode, fingerprint, and face id security ensuring maximum security for your house.

With all the above features, one can turn their regular home into a smart home!

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