10 Things That Turn The Scorpion Girl On

Scorpion women are really interesting. They are extremely dominant and just love power. They like to own and command authority in everything they do be it professional or personal life. So, when it comes to their sex life, seducing them can be a challenge.

But what is life without some challenges? So, here we list you down some of the tips on how you can seduce your scorpion woman –

1.Confidence is the key to a strong personalityaishwarya-rai-bachchan-and-ranbir-kapoors-adhm


And in order to impress a scorpion girl confidence can do wonders. So, make your first impression on her the lasting one. Don’t forget to talk to her with your head held high.

2. Loves Surprises

So, you got your clue. Try to surprise her. And make sure you are well aware about her interests and passions. So, try to give her some surprise as per her interests and passions.

3. Fierce and loves power


so she like to play it wild. So, if you are too slow or gentle then you might not be her first choice. Try to be wild and rough yet sexy with her.

4. Loves taking control

That really turns her on and make her feel that you hold the maximum power. So, let her sit on the top and you enjoy the show.

5. Loves spice and drama in life


So, rather than playing all normal. Keep it sexy, yet try to play it like a story or a movie. She will love it that way and might love to come back to you every time.

6. Personal Space is a must

She loves her personal space and will enjoy but in her own sweet sultry way. But personal space is a must. So, don’t try to get too close otherwise you might step into some uncomfortable zone which she might not appreciate.

7. Variety is the key


A scorpion girl gets bored very soon and you will not even realize but you can be her boredom dose. So, keep it different every time.

8. Talk Intellectual


If you keep on talking or rather than blabbing unnecessary stuff, then a scorpion girl is never coming back to you.

9. Eye contact

Scorpion girl is an eye loving person. and so eye contact is extremely important for her.

10. Talking is must


In order to turn on a scorpion girl, talking is a must. so, try to keep her in some or the other conversations.

Yes, we know that seducing scorpion woman can be a challenging task. But we are sure these tips will help you and in no time you can be a favorite of the scorpion women.

What do you think?

Written by Pallavi Bose

Extremely passionate about everything she does. Loves to make a small world of her own in this big world. Makeup, fashion, and styling scores the highest on her list. Pallavi is completely starstruck, especially Bollywood.

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