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10 Things to Know Before Saying YES in Relationship

Your answer may break his heart or would be a start to a new and exciting life. Hence, don’t haste.

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So today your partner popped the “diamond” out of his pocket and said the “three” words? Naturally, there are various questions that will now pop into your head. These questions will eventually lead you towards your final answer. Your answer may break his heart or would be a start to a new and exciting life. Hence, don’t haste. Think wisely before you make a final call. For this, read ahead the common questions that any ordinary girl thinks of before saying “Yes.”

Here’s a list of ten things you need to know before saying ‘YES’ in a relationship.

1. Why him?

This is the very first question that will come into your mind considering other choices that may be lined up for you. Well honestly, if you think he makes you feel like his princess he would love till his last breath, go for him.

2. Worth a commitment?

If and only you think the guy is worth committing to and will not play with your heart, you must go ahead.

3. Future endeavours?

If you are yet to plan your life and there is a lot more to come, you may decline the proposal or keep it on hold until you figure out your priorities.

4. Are you lonely?

If you are a sadist and a lonely person and think that marriage will rescue you from this situation, you are wrong. Don’t think of marriage until you are head over heels in love with the man. Marriage can never be a back-up plan.

5. Does he get the best out of you?

If you and him match each other a hundred percent and get the best out of each other, go for him. If you think despite the odds, you two can still manage to make a perfect marriage then you must promptly say “I Do.”

6. Is he worth your lifetime?

If you think that he is worth spending your life with, do not hesitate. Perfect guys do not exist in the world, it is up to you to accept a person as it is.

7. Will he not try to change you post-marriage?

If you have put your life on the line and accepted him the way he is, he must too do the same. If you think, he might want to change you for his good, quit the relationship as soon as possible.

8. Still skeptical?

If you are a confused soul and cannot make up your mind, do not revert. Take your own sweet time to give your answer. Remember, haste is always waste.

9. Would you manage to love him forever?

If you think that your love for him may not last for long, step aside. A broken marriage will only do bad to the both of you. Therefore, marry the person whom you will love till your last breath, unconditionally.

10. Would you two stick up to the vows?

If you think that one of you may not follow any of the vows you made during your relationship, it is the best to call “It Quits.”

Remember, marriages are not made in heaven, love is. So if you think your love is strong enough to tackle the bumpy roads ahead, then don’t wait and just say “Yes.”

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Written by Prutha Bhosle

Prutha Bhosle is peppy yet shy, urbane yet uncouth, ambitious yet indecisive, feminist yet equalist writer of WSL. She is a true fashion lover and keeps her eye on all the updated trends & city lifestyle.

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