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10 Signs that tell you are a Crazy Street Food Junkie Woman

The thought of street food makes a lot of minds go sslurrp!!! Although being a commoner place with no frills yet its exotic flavours make it the most preferred place for food junkies. A street food junkie will always enjoy the delights of food served irrespective of the place, be it an air conditioned mall, the office arena or a flea market. Excellent taste, low on budget, scrumptious varieties and lip smacking customised flavours increases our indulgence more and more into it.

Here are some signs to tell you that you are a street food junkie and can hog it day in and day out:

When words like “Cheesy” or “Crispy” can give you jolts of foodgasm! – If such phrases distract you from your work then you are a sure shot case of being a street food junkie. Sometimes your breakfast, lunch and dinner menu must have a street foodFoodgasm.gif

When you can smell the food while watching Street food TV shows!– You love watching the street food shows aired on TV because that is one way you can bring satiety to your life.Eating while watching TV

While eating yummy street food, the word “hygiene” has lost its way in your mind. – Hygiene must be an important aspect for you in life but it is definitely not a priority while you enjoy your delicious street food. Taste always overpowers factors like ambience, delivery services and value for money. Anushka + Shahrukh

When you travel to a particular place with a clear agenda of eating the popular street food. – if someone recommends a yummy street food then factors like distance, mode of transportation and time taken to travel take a back seat. Especially when your shopping is incomplete without a street food pit stop.

When health conscious articles are bizarre for you and instead you don’t mind showing off your “calorie hunter” attitude. – “Eating Healthy Food” is an agenda you never understood and so it is completely off the books.In love with food

When going out with friends, people treat you as a street food guru– You have tried and tasted some of the best mouth-watering street foods and therefore, people will take your opinion blindfolded.

When you never say, “I didn’t find anything to eat there” at any street food shop. – There are plenty of options for you whenever you try a new street food eatery place.Foodie Kareena

When you relate your memories with the type of street food a particular place offers. – Often, while remembering a vacation the first thing that strikes you is the local street food of that place.foodie celeb

When you religiously follow Foodie Clubs more than any other news on social networking sites. – Such clubs give you a clear idea and opinion on any street food location which you might have missed.

When your mouth starts watering after reading articles like these. –While reading this, if you are already imagining all your favourite street food delicacies and are planning to have them you are definitely a street food junkie.

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