10 Reasons to date a man older than you


Someone has rightly said, “Age is just a number”. Celebrities like Kareena Kapoor Khan, Princess Diana, Katie Holmes, Catherine Zeta Jones, Elizabeth Taylor and many more have preferred the company of older men. The charm and stature of Saif Ali Khan, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Prince Charles, and Michael Douglas have made women go weak on their knees.

The style of wooing, understanding, respecting and maintaining their own persona is an art that only few lucky well experienced men have been able to achieve. According to men, women younger to them are easy to mould and handle, as they look for new experiences and at a higher age, older men can provide all kinds of satisfaction.

Whereas, the women look out for stability, compatibility, learning, exploring, and being complete. Here are top 10 reasons why should a woman marry a man older to his age. (PS: It is alright if he is 3-4 years older as well)

He is a Complete Man: He is financially stable, has a house, a car, and is secured about his life. He has all the material aspects and insurances and all he needs some special attention.

He Knows the Tricks: Being older and wiser because of his age, he knows how to be in best of terms with your parents as well as knows all the key notes to turn a woman on.

Equal Maturity Level: Wiser by his age and experience, his intellect would match yours – which means that no unnecessary over reactions and emotional drama and sweet talks. It is a man to woman talk.

He is the Action Man: This man is ever ready to take a quick decision on his food, clothes, sex and all parts of his and your life. He wouldn’t mind you to lead your own life, also he would enjoy to help you decide your clothes. The best part is that, he helps in cooking and cleaning the mess.

He Has Many Things to Share: Couple of years extra experienced by you, he has lots of experiences, stories and knowledge to share with you. This man, older by age would love to talk.

He is Man of Words: Working through years, and learning as the age passes by, the young gentleman becomes a man. And real man knows how to keep his words.

He Is Over Boyish Nights: One of the most important reason to marry or date an older man is that, he is over the beer fights, bike rides, and all the college fiesta. All he wants now is to settle down happily ever after.

He Knows Himself: Older men buy viagra online for treat erectile dysfunction know their taste buds. Having a strong will, they wouldn’t mess with their routine of cereals in breakfast, sandwich for lunch and classy dinner with anything else. So, they are easy to predict and catch and not too much of demands of listening to music, setting house for his friends, etc.

His Patience and he is a Good Listener: All the hard work of getting a right mate has taught him one good lesson – To have patience and be a good listener. Whether he is tolerant and listening to the grabbing of woman, he is equally controlled and smooth while talking them in bed.

He Helps You Grow: Apart from the material, physical, and emotional benefits that women derive from the older mate, he helps an individual grow. An independence is what a women look for in a relationship with being held in strong arms. Growing from a young lady to become a woman, is what a good relationship is about.

No matter there might be generation gap, difference of opinions but as long one has clear goals of respecting each other, the marriage is always successful despite age difference.

What do you think?

Written by Madhurima

Madhurima is an amazing girl and feature writer from Delhi. To pep up her day, all she needs is a mug of black coffee, countryside music and a good read. If she is not in office you will find her shopping for magazines, browsing through books, exploring gastronomy at new outlets, or engaged in dialogues on how to live a happy life

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