10 Must Have Makeup Essentials For New Year’s Party

This is the official party season and we are all set to hit the season with a bang. But of course it is winters and you need to look your glamorous best in the parties. You will definitely wear your best dress and pair with your best accessories. But everything will be incomplete if you don’t have the correct set of makeup. And with makeup I don’t mean the usual one, we are talking here about some of the must haves in party season.

Thus, have a look at our list given below and find out which are the must have makeup essentials for new Year’s party –

1.Lakme Abolsute Illuminating Foundation

A party makeup is incomplete without an illuminating foundation. You need something to highlight your skin and bring out the inner glow. And this foundation from the house of Lakme will exactly do that. The foundation has extremely fine and tiny shimmer particles which gives a beautiful dewy finish on the skin. The shimmer particles are not visible on the skin. What you can see is the silky smooth luminous finish.

2. Estee Lauder Double Wear Brush on Glow BB Highlighter

Such an easy peasy and convenient highlighter to carry when you are travelling. The pen shape make it perfect for touch ups also. The highlighter is great for brightening and concealing under eye area. It also takes care of the redness on your face and can act as a primer underneath your eyeshadow. It contains hydrators especially glycerine which will minimize imperfections and maximize the light reflections.

3. MAC Blush

Next comes the time when you want a little hint of colour on cheeks. And trust me it’s party season so nobody will complain about your excess makeup. And MAC blushes are one of the best blushes in the market. They come in variety of shades and also are highly pigmented. You will get beautiful colour in just one swipe. And no wonder MAC blushes can survive on your cheeks for an entire day.

4. Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palettes

An eyeshadow is a must have for eye makeup. And for me every makeup is incomplete without a good eye makeup. And for winter parties I personally love smokey eye makeup. And for that you need to have an eyeshadow palette which should have multiple colours on it. This will make your eye makeup perfect and attractive and you will instantly be party ready.

5. Lipstick

And finally comes the highlight of the makeup – LIPSTICK. You cannot leave your house without the perfect pout. You can wear any lipstick of your choice. But I would personally suggest to go with a dark colour as the dark colours looks best in winters and it makes you instantly party ready.

6. Lip Liner

A Makeup look is incomplete without a lip liner. You cannot achieve the perfect pout without a lip liner. It is very important to line your lips and then fill it with a lipstick. This will give you the perfect sexy look and will look extremely attractive and sultry.

7. Makeup Spray

You should always finish your makeup with a makeup spray. This will seal the moisture and will make your makeup look natural. Makeup spray helps to prevent the excess makeup on your face and thus prevents or eliminates the excess powdery look on your face.

8. Nail Paints

A party is not done without the colourful nails. And especially when it’s a New Year party then you cannot go to the party with a full face of makeup but without anything on nails. Thus, why not wear something on nails which is close to your outfit. This way the nails will go perfectly with your outfit and thus it will look great when put together as a picture.

9. Bronzer

Parties are not the time to look cute and chubby. You want to hide your big chubby cheeks and make it look sculpted and perfectly in shape. And this is where the bronzers will help you. Pick out your favourate bronzer and pout your best and sculpt your cheeks. Make sure that you don’t over do it. Apply bronzer lightly so that it looks natural on your face.

10. Perfumes

And finally your makeup won’t be complete if you don’t smell good. So, indulge yourself in your favourate refreshing scent and enjoy the evening. There are many high end as well regular perfumes available. You can make your pick among them.

So, these were the top makeup must have for your party kit. Let us know if you want to add anything more in the comments down below. We would love to hear from you also.

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Written by Pallavi Bose

Extremely passionate about everything she does. Loves to make a small world of her own in this big world. Makeup, fashion, and styling scores the highest on her list. Pallavi is completely starstruck, especially Bollywood.

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