10 Major Fashion Trends in 2018

Since 2018 is knocking at our doors this is the time to revisit the fashion journey and have a look at the upcoming trends in the world of fashion and glamour. There won’t be a major trend shift in 2018 but of course some new elements will be introduced so that the fashion game is still going strong in the market.

Have a look at the following given major fashion trend which will rule in 2018 –

1.Pastel With shimmer

Since some time back pastel colours have made a comeback and now you will see pastels everywhere. Be it wedding, parties or even at casual outfits. Pastel is hard to ignore. But sometimes only pastel makes the outfit monochromatic and boring. Thus, why not play with pastel and shimmer together. Like icy blue and grey or silver shimmer looks great together.

2. Dark Denim Trend

Denim has always been in the market. Since last some year’s denim trend has been ruling the market. But what you will see in 2018 is the dark denim trend. Dark denim trend is the 80s denim trend returning. Here you will see shades of dark blue, or even blue black, charcoal colour, grey black and even grey in denim material.

3. Neutral Colours with Bold Colour

Wearing neutral colours can look quite boring. Thus, why not create a fashion statement wearing neutral with some bold colour. Like if you are wearing a neutral trench coat wear a bold sweater or top underneath. You can wear a bold pants at the bottom.

4. Bare All

Since sheer textiles are coming back in fashion thus in 2018 you will see the boldest evening wears. In the Paris Fashion week also we saw the bare all sheer gowns and dresses which has the sexy and casual look to it. The evening wears will be not all dressy but casual and loosen up at the same time. But will definitely have a touch of peek a boo to it.

5. Primary Colours

Bold colours have been in fashion since very long. But now the time is coming to bring the primary and original colours of the colour wheel back in fashion. And this will be seen more in monochromatic shades. Thus, the time is coming to bring primary colours on the board.

6. Plastic Wear

And finally the trend of plastics as a fashion wear is catching quite strong. Be it summers or monsoon plastic is seen as a wearable clothing piece and you can see people dazzling in plastic gowns on the runways.

7. Checks

Checks are coming in fashion and in 2018 you will see checks being covered in large parts of the clothing. Be it on your clothes, pants or even on your handbags checks will be ruling the fashion circle like never before.

8. Sports Wear

Athletic inspired sports wear is here to stay and this time you will see the trend in not only shoes and pants but also in feminine pieces like skirts, tops and even on dresses. And why not on bellies and shoes?

9. Suit trend

Suit Trend is gradually catching over the women. Gone are those days when the suits were worn only as a formal wear. Now, the suits can be worn also as a sexy or award outfit or even as a fashion runway outfit.

10. Matte with Shimmer

Gone are those days when the shimmer wear was limited as a night wear or a party outfit only. You can now wear shimmers at day time also. How, well let me tell you. In 2018 you will see shimmer clothing pieces well coordinated with matte clothing piece. This will be the perfect addition to make your dull day bright and colourful.

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