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10 Ideas for DIY Diwali Lighting Decorations

All of these are either common materials or may be found at nearby retailers. The materials are affordable as well.


Among the materials, we’ll use for our DIY Diwali Lighting ideas, or DIYs, are coloured sheets, strung lights, wildflowers, votive candles, homemade candles, liquor bottles, canning bottles, glassware, and textiles. All of these are either common materials or may be found at nearby retailers. The materials are affordable as well. 

Let’s get into the list of 10 DIY Ideas for Diwali Lighting Decorations:

1. Box Lighting

One may make multiple hues of lighting by using little packaging boxes as lampshades over white light, just like they did with disposable cups. The folding method of papermaking can be used to create such boxes.

Everything is quite easy to do. Attach these over the separate bulbs after making little incisions over them. During the holiday season, jack-o-lanterns and Diyas may give homes a lively appearance. 

2. Paper sack illuminators

For the year, try making some of these original handcrafted Diwali decorations. Fundamentally, to build sheet pack lighting, cut out a pattern along both surfaces and insert the flames.

3. Pendant lighting with bangles

To create stunning lampshades for Halloween lights, place bangles of various colours on top of one another. Sapphire bangles work best for table lamps since they can withstand heat. They are simple to produce and can be utilized again and again. People also enjoy making lights every year. 

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4. Drape string lights inside your curtains

Almost all often, we place our light fixtures outside the openings. Drape string lights across doorways and window frames. Although that’s wonderful on the exterior, we also wish to celebrate Diwali inside the house. Therefore, hang them within the homes’ windows and doors. The subtle light and shimmer are captivating.

Drape string lights inside your curtains

Install lighting strands beneath the sheer drapes to convert the space into a fairytale land. The regular drapes should be pulled to the edges and lightly hung, as shown in the illustration.

Grab a scarf or sarees, or whatever other thin textile that may have. It might be a startling juxtaposition to the drapes or go with it. Above the hung thick drapes, drape the thin fabric from the overhead shower curtain. Suspend light threads from the dupatta’s back.

5. Sweet-smelling candles

In essence, choose a few masonry shakes uncontrollably of various sizes, tie them with ribbons, cords, or threads, and insert a candle. If bands and skeins don’t excite, users can repaint those boxes instead. Use an acrylic that is excellent on glass surfaces again for optimal outcomes.

6. Shades made with twine

Lampshades made of twine are fairly popular right now. These inexpensive lanterns are simple to construct and therefore will give home Diwali decor a glitzy appearance. Everything you need to build beautiful lights is adhesive, blimps, and a reel or thick cotton cloth or yarn.

Burst a few balloons, then wrap the twine or cotton thread that has been coated with adhesive over them. Decorate these lampshades in various colours, insert bulbs inside, and utilize these stylish lamps to illuminate your home.

7. The Permanent Earthen Candles

Diyas are an inextricable part of Diwali and make for charming decorations. One can employ them to enhance other decor in addition to illuminating every nook and cranny of the house, such as suspending them in a sizable ornate basin or adding a creative touch to the colourful designs. One may decorate the diyas using acrylic paint and craft supplies to give each of them a unique flair.

8. Chandeliers as little more than a focal point

As a focal point, the chandelier enhances any room’s design, whether it is a sizable deck, a terrace, a penthouse, or the area above the dining room table. These have a lot of retrieve value and are suitable for simple and easy Diwali decor. 

9. Dazzling lighting

A strand or string lighting fixture will enhance the allure of the veranda in the evening. Have them hanging outside the windows next to the balconies so that the faint light shining through them will brighten the house.

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10. Colorful Tea light Candles

Tea light candles should have colour added to them because their metal stands can make them look a touch dull. The answer to this problem is printed ribbon. Cardstock ribbons and organizers match remarkably well enough in terms of breadth. Again, for ideal flames, wrap the coloured tape so over the tea light.

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Written by Srajati

Srajati is from an Architectural background with a bundle of nerves. She finds peace in writing down her thoughts, travelling, and spending time holed up with a good book.


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