10 Best Weight Loss Advices From Women Who Lost More Than 15 Kgs And Sustained It

We won’t be exaggerating a bit even we say losing weight takes forever! No matter what you try, it becomes just a matter of time before you bounce back to your old weight. The Internet is filled with millions of websites claiming to know everything there is to weight loss. But even then, there are millions of people struggling to lose weight. Keeping this in mind, we interviewed people who successfully lost more than 15 kgs of weight and understood from them what actually worked for them. However, we have included only those people who didn’t bounce back to their old weight even after 1 year of losing weight.

Here are 10 best pieces of advice from people who lost more than 15 Kgs-


1. I lost weight by eating healthy 90% of the time

I am not an exercise person. I lost weight just by improving my diet. I try to eat healthy 90% of the time. The rest 10% of the time, I eat whatever junk food I can lay my hands on.- Tripti


2. I did away with processed white sugar

I have a sweet tooth. It was the reason for me to gain weight in the first place. Since sweets were my weakness, I did away with processed sugar for once and for all. I replaced it with jaggery though. But it was the hardest thing to do, but I got used to it in a month’s time. Now, not just have I lost weight, I feel much more active and happy.- Anuradha


3. I replaced tea with green tea

I used to be slim during my college days. But when I started a job, I gained almost 10 kgs in just 6 months, courtesy to my desk job and long working hours. I knew that going to the gym would be sometime I would snap out of, soon enough, if I start it. So, I cut down on my tea which I used to take a lot in office. I started taking green tea with one lemon’s juice squeezed into it and a little honey. I also started taking 3 liters of water daily to stop feeling hungry every now and then. – Kirthi


4. I got rid of everything sweet in my house

I got rid of anything and everything sweet in my house like cookies, sweets etc. It was a logical decision for me. I don’t keep food which I can’t hold myself back from.- Shailey


5. I started having my dinner before 8 pm

I stopped eating after 8 pm. I used to have dinner at around 9 or 9:30 and I would go to sleep around 11 after watching some TV. Once I started eating at 7:30, I also stated to take a walk after the meal. It really helped me to lose weight.- Nitya


6. I only take home cooked meals

The only change which got me from 70 kgs to 54kgs was saying no to anything which is not home cooked. I do go out to eat occasionally, but I limit it to 4 times a month. If it is more than that, I only go for salads.- Purva


7. Starting Suryanamaskar made all the difference

I started off with doing 5 rounds of suryanamaskar in the morning and then I increased the count every week. Now I do 20 rounds of suryanamaskars per day and I feel so much more flexible. It did more to my body than just weight loss.- Anu


8. I made it a habit to plan my meals in advance

I plan my meals in advance. I noticed that when I felt hungry, I would binge eat anything. To avoid such a situation, I started planning my meals in advance, taking into account my evening cravings. – Muskaan


9. I started sleeping early to avoid binge eating

I have been a night owl for a long time. I used to sleep around 2. This habit had been a part of me for 2 long years after I started my job. I caught hold of this habit when I was in college. But I noticed that unlike during the college days, I was not able to burn calories I was taking due to late night binge eating. Therefore, I started sleeping early and going for a morning walk at 6. It took me a year to shed those extra kilos but I didn’t bounce back to my old weight at all. – Parul


10. My homemade detox water helped me lose weight

I can’t help eating junk, though I keep it minimum. So I started taking easy detox water that I make at home. Take a jar of water (1 litre of water) and add 1 chopped cucumber in it (without peeling), juices of 2 lemons, few mint leaves, honey. I take it in the morning and then again in the evening. It helped me burn the belly fat. – Swetha

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