10 Best Movies To Watch This Valentine’s Day

Deciding a movie on Netflix and Amazon Prime with your notable other isn’t always simple. The intensity of desiring everything well-defined can make that more finicky. Arguing over a mere remote is a trap many couples fall into with no one stepping away pleased with the upshot. 

It’s easy to feel puzzled with so many movie options. Also, finding an apt romantic film to watch together can be a tough challenge too. Today, Valentine’s Day is the best day to figure out some romantic movies to watch. Be it alone, with friends or with your significant other, this list of 10 romantic films will without a doubt make you fall in love with the idea of love. 

Here Are 10 Best Romantic Films you can succumb to this Valentine’s Day:Here Are 10 Best Romantic Films you can succumb to this Valentine’s Day:

#1 A Walk to Remember

Where to watch: Netflix

Storyline: When a spoilt brat is cast opposite a beautiful scholar in their school play, love blossoms. But, misfortune rips them apart. It’s an excellent pick that shows true love endures even after death.

#2 P.S. I Love You

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

Storyline: Before Holly’s husband dies, he makes plans for her. Post his death, over the years, she will receive gifts and letters with directions on how to be happy again without him. A must watch on Valentine’s Day!

#3 To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Where to watch: Netflix

Storyline: When some secret adolescent love letters reach out to all of her old school time crushes, Lara Jean encounters her boring, monotonous and hushed high school actuality turned upside down.

#4 Our Souls at Night

Where to watch: Netflix

Storyline: A true affair springs after two widowed next-door-neighbours start sleeping in bed together to lessen their isolation. All of the trials and tribulations of romance are doubled in this movie.

#5 Before We Go

Where to watch: Netflix

Storyline: This is the perfect pick for you where a young woman chances to meet a free-spirited musician who stays with her on the venture of a lifetime.

#6 In Love With An Angel

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

Storyline: A 40-year-old man with an unlimited bank account and a fair appearance hops from one girl to another until he befalls in love with his ideal one. 

Movie Trailer –

#7 What Happens In Vegas

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

Storyline: Two strangers in a drunken state mistakenly get married in Vegas. Next morning, their annulment is rejected by a judge. Amidst their perturbing fights over a huge jackpot, they apprehend that they are in love.

Movie Trailer –

#8 Just Like Heaven

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

Storyline: She is satisfied she is still alive. He is assured that she is a spirit. As the duo hunt for the truth, their connection switches from resentment to actual romance.

#9 Ten Things I Hate About You

Where to watch: Netflix

Storyline: A pretty, popular teenager can’t go out on a date until her non-popular, rebellious, man-hater older sister does. It’s a movie about love, trust, sisterhood. 

Movie Trailer –

#10 The Notebook

Where to watch: Netflix

Storyline: This heart touching arrangement of author Nicholas Sparks’ bestselling novel spins around two young lovers who are torn apart by class differences in the 1940s. You cannot miss this film!

Movie Trailer –

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