10 Best Home Remedies To Beat The Air Pollution!

As we all are aware of current condition of air , the quality of the air we breathe have reached the ‘hazardous’ level. Don’t you think we need some safety measures to stay healthy and fit in such pollution.

Studies say exposing to Smog can be extremely unsafe to your wellbeing in various ways. It can cause/exasperate hypersensitivities, bronchitis, asthma and COPD. Smog is destructive to both respiratory and cardiovascular wellbeing. It builds the danger of heart sicknesses and can even reason untimely birth. Even it’s connected with psychological well-being issues, like depression.

The World Health Organization says Delhi has become one of the most exceedingly awful places on the planet for air contamination. All things considered, no big surprise why as it is overwhelmed in a thick cover of mist and smoke, known as brown haze. The toxins level noticeable all around is compared to smoking something like 50 cigarettes in a solitary day and it can prompt a few illnesses like asthma, lung issues, and birth complexities and other respiratory disease.

No worries fellas!! Check out below some natural home remedies simple yet effective to beat the negative effect of the toxic air or air pollution below!!

1.Eat jaggery

Detoxification has turned out to be essential nowadays and everyone should keep that in mind as the contamination level has expanded a ton. Diwali and winters are a dangerous blend as it is the ideal opportunity for smog. In this way, on the off chance that you eat a moderate measure of jaggery or gur amid winters, it helps in purifying the liver by flushing out poisons. It can likewise fix influenza like side effects and can be utilized in tea rather than sugar. How to take: consume 5 to 10 grams jaggery daily with hot water that will helps to detoxify the lungs.


During winters, the one of the most effective ways yet simplest remedy for detoxifying is is tulsi leaves. How to take: boil tulsi leaves in water, and add a pinch of jaggery and saunf. For best results, consume this twice daily.

3.Garlic and Onions

Due to the presence of Sulphur-like compounds, both these pungent vegetables helps to reduce the bacterial and viral load in the bronchioles in lungs and digestive tract when they are consumed. How to take: Add them in your daily routine diet.


Turmeric is another easy remedy to beat the air pollution. It doesn’t only helps to reduce inflammation caused due to viral and bacterial infections, but it also helps keep the allergic tendency of the respiratory system in check. How to take: the turmeric should be organic; you can intake turmeric in milk.


Ginger contains gingerol and certain compounds that can help in reducing airway inflammation and inhibit airway contraction. Anti-oxidants like ginger are also used in traditional ayurveda to treat and prevent illness such as asthma. How to take: You can just add ginger to your cup of tea or chew a fresh piece with a pinch of salt to keep up your immune system.


According to Ayurveda, trikatu has long pepper (pippali), dark pepper (kali mirch) and ginger. This exceptional mix of herbs can slice through ceaseless poison and mucous issues. How to take: Take a touch of trikatu powder and add to heated water. Blend it with a teaspoon of nectar or jaggery. This decoction is to be tasted gradually. Take this two times per day amid the winter months.

Some more tips to conquer this air pollution:

•Face Masks

Whenever you step out from your house, don’t forget to put face mask on. Though, the surgeons masks are an increasingly common sight in cities which are largely useless. According to Prof Ally Lewis, director of the UK’s National Centre for Atmospheric Science. “Surgical masks are pretty useless because air just leaks in around the side,” Lewis says. Therefore, you should make sure of that you’re using the anti-pollution masks these days.

•Air purifying plants

Plants like Aloe Vera, Ivy and Spider Plant are known to be Air purifiers. So, place them in your home and office to minimize the air pollution.

•Take steam on daily basis

On daily basis, taking steam can lot more help you in to relax your air passages. Just add few drops of eucalyptus oil while taking steam in evening. That will help your body to remove all toxic particulate substances.

•Ventilate your home

Set a time slot of 3-5 pm in which you can open the windows and doors, so that the air can circulates. In daytime, this is proven to be the time slot in which the concentration of the PM is the lowest in the air.

Moreover, to beat the air pollution Keep your body well hydrated. Hydration is very important to help remove toxins from the lungs by improving circulation and assisting in the process of removal of particles from the lungs.
And Stay healthy!!

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