10 Awesome Things To Do Before You Turn 18

One of the most exciting phases of life arrives when you are going to turn 18. It is a step into adulthood. People around you start expecting serious things from your end. Your dear ones look up to you to make wise decisions.

So is this really where your childishness ends? Not at all! You can turn 50 yet feel as young as a teenager. You can take up responsibilities and at the same time act wild and insane.

Since this is the age where everyone around pressurizes you, even more, be it studies, future, and life in general; it is exactly the time when you start living for yourself to the fullest.
Read further for some wacky things you must do before you turn 18Group of three young woman enjoying a drink at a bar.

1. Plan a vacation

Who knows how your life treats you in future? Therefore, plan as many trips you can before you is bestowed with responsibilities. Go trekking, camping, or any other holiday; the point here is to enjoy like you never have before.

2. Throw a decade’s party

Now that you are mature to make decisions on your own, you can also plan to throw a party for your feebs. This will not just help you in finding more friends but they will also possibly last long all your life.

3. Spread smiles

You are young and carefree. There are millions out there who are deprived of getting the basic amenities even. Spread smiles by donating your old clothes and shoes.

4. Cook a meal

Now you too can be a master chef. Find out some amazing recipes from your grandmother and try them out.

5. Go to a concert

Late night concerts are exactly what you need to do. There are not just fun but also electrifying. Your mood will just turn right.

6. Save

For a change, plan on saving some of your pocket money. It will give you a peace of mind and you will learn the value of every penny your parents strive to earn.

7. Play paintball

Not giving a care to the world and rejuvenating at the same time is just what I mean when you plan to play paintball.

8. Redecorate your room

Scrap off the amateur junk from your room and redecorate by adding colors and decent furniture.

9. Adopt a pet

A pet serves you the best company for a lifetime. It will not just be a part of your happier times but will also stand by you in your blues.

10. Learn to play an instrument

This will exactly cheer you up and will accompany you throughout your life. It is also beneficial to learn any instrument as it adds colors to life.

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Written by Prutha Bhosle

Prutha Bhosle is peppy yet shy, urbane yet uncouth, ambitious yet indecisive, feminist yet equalist writer of WSL. She is a true fashion lover and keeps her eye on all the updated trends & city lifestyle.

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